Every Neighborhood Is Within Your Reach

Using the Digital Rooftop combines online and offline data to assist in building your brand, market share and increase your sales.

What Is Hyperlocal Advertising?

With Digital Rooftop, we are able to reach large groups of ideal shoppers, whom have expressed an interest in similar vertical specific offerings, maintaining the precision of the geographic footprint at the neighborhood level.

How Exact is Digital Rooftop?

With a list of USPS ZIP codes, and some additional information like advertising vertical (e.g. automotive), we can create an exact hyperlocal campaign. From this, we layer both online and offline data to comprise our hyperlocal audience and begin driving highly targeted and qualified traffic to your web site.

What is the Advertising Method?

Rooftop can be utilized for either display banner ads or as text ads. We recommend building multiple ads and using both ad types to allow us to automatically select the best ads and match the best publishers and networks your your hyperlocal audience.